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Here at Twins Take Enterprises we use our skills to provide services in many areas for San Antonio, and online. Twins Take Enterprises is multi-faceted and we definitely have more to come.

1. Health and Wellness: Twins Take Fitness. Bria Bennett is a certified personal trainer, more personal trainers in training. Alia Williams created the Nutrition guide for the Twins Take Fitness Plan.

2. Beauty, Hair and Nails: Alia's House of Beauty/ Nails by Alia Williams provides services in hair, acrylic nails, custom press on nails.

3. Photography, A & B Photography: We provide services in private photo shoots, events, wedding photography, baby photo shoots, birthday shoots, engagement photography

4. Custom T-Shirts, Double Take Tees, using Heat Transfer Vinyl we create a logoor design to your liking to placed on a variety of T-Shirts or hoodies. Using regular vinyl we can customize a personal cup, or mug to your liking. Bulk orders available please contact Bria Bennett.

5. Events, Twins Take Occasions to Celebrate: New to the Twins Take Enterprises brand, offering your Events and Parties with delicious popcorn, sweet cotton candy, and delightful sno cones. We can set up and serve the party guest, or you may rent any of our event machines, to serve your party guest yourself.

6. Healing Charms and Crystals JewelryBe Charmed by Bria:

7. Body: Blissful Body Oils by Bria and Luscious Lips by Ailana: body and lip care using essential oils, roller ball oils, dropper bottle oils, spray bottle oils,  natural bug sprays, body scrubs, lip balm and lip gloss.

8. FoodTroy Troy's Philly Cheesesteaks and Hoagies and Will's Meals, Quality Food option that will please your taste buds, We have a varying menu spanning from BBQ, Asian Zing, and your American Favorites

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