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Heal Thy Self = HealThy Self

Twins Take Fitness is a fitness wellness brand created to educate people about living a healthy physically active lifestyle. Through our fitness plan we teach our clients how important their diet is to their everyday health, and physical exercise. Our personal training sessions focus on weight loss, toning, strength and conditioning.


"It is so true when people say you are what you eat, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away", Bria Bennett.

The mantra of Twins Take Fitness is "Heal Thy Self to become your HealThy Self"

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  • Includes 1 free 30-minute workout

Private Personal Training Session Prices 

(1)- 1 hour session: $35.00 

(3)- 1 hour sessions: $100.00 (On Sale now: $75.00)

Twins Take Fitness Plan: $500.00(On Sale Now $450) 

(5) Private Personal Training Sessions

Twins Take Fitness Workout Plan

Nutritional Guide: Basic Do's and Do Not's (80% Diet)

A list of exercises to promote wellness (cardio, arms, abs, and legs) (20% Exercise)

Twins Take Fitness "HealThy Self" T-Shirt

Additional Private Personal Training Sessions ($15.00/hr session)

Twins Take Fitness Plan: $400.00 *Nutrition and Exercises  Guide Only* 

Twins Take Fitness Workout Plan

Nutritional Guide: Do's and Do Not's of healthy eating (80% diet)

A list of exercises to that can be done at home to promote wellness (cardio, arms, abs, and legs) (20% Exercise)

Twins Take Fitness "HealThy Self" T-Shirt

Group Exercise Session Prices

10 People or More: $10.00/person

9 People or Less: $15.00/person

Fitness Parties Available

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